11 easy blog or social media content ideas for December

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It’s December, there are only really 3 workable weeks, and a week (or two) off social media is going to see you whacked by algorithms that forget who you are.

It’s not a great month for content ideas if you’ve not planned ahead. Add to that the fact that you’re planning Christmas, someone is always ill in December and I bet if it’s not you it’s your job to look after them, and the general busy-ness of the last month of the year, content ideas fall by the wayside.

So here are some quick and easy last minute blogs or social media posts that won’t take too long to write, post, or schedule.

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12 Things I Learned This Year

Quick and easy, a list type post that details things you learned in 2023. You can make it one per month if you can remember what’s happened throughout the year, or keep it simple and just list some things that you’ve either learned or learned from this year. They don’t have to be all positive – negative things that you’ve learned from show you’re evolving, and your readers will probably empathise with you.

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Top 5 LinkedIn Posts/Blog Posts I’ve Read This Year

Another list type article – because they’re easy and quick to write – think about the posts or blogs that have stood out to you this year, write a quick reason why for each one, and you have a blog or social post that not only helps your audience find great things, it bigs up other people too. Remember to link to the posts and the people if you can.

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Top Posts On My Blog You May Not Have Read

What’s easier than linking to some of your own content? (Not having anything to link to is the answer, but if you don’t, then make this top social media posts instead). You get to choose the criteria – it could be the most visited, the most read, the most shared – anything goes. You could even choose blog posts or social media posts that didn’t get a lot of love at the time, but you feel should have had more attention.

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Things I’m Planning To Do Next Year

Get in early and avoid the influx of New Years Resolutions posts next month – reflect a little on your year and grab some accountability for next year too. Make a note to revisit this next December to see how well you did.

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5 People I’m Glad I Met This Year

I’m a huge fan of bigging other people up, and no-one ever got cancelled for saying (appropriate) nice things about other people, right? Who have you met or found out about this year that you didn’t know about 12 months ago? What difference have they made to your business, or to your outlook? Again, link to them or tag them where you can.

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Top X Gifts For People In My Industry

This might take a little more research than some of the other ideas, but you’re in your industry so what would YOU like to receive for Christmas?

As an added incentive, you can send this one to those members of your family that don’t quite know what you do and never know what to buy you.

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Worst ________ Of The Year

You can adapt this one to your industry. If you’re a web designer, it could be the 4 worst pop-up mistakes you’ve seen. A copywriter? The 10 worst email subject lines. And I’m pretty sure any freelancer could write an endless list of the worst questions they’ve been asked by DM on LinkedIn, the worst red flags in a request to pitch, even the worst contract clauses they’ve seen.

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Best ________ Of The Year

It’s not as much fun as the worst, but it pays to be positive, right? Whether its that one blog post you read, that one LinkedIn post that made you think, or numerous examples of best practice in your industry, end the year on a lovely note and shout about it.

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My Year In Pictures/Videos

Use a simple free program like CapCut to stich together some pictures you’ve taken throughout the year, Add a caption for each month if you can, then post as a Reel or Story on Instagram or Facebook, a post on LinkedIn, a video on TikTok, or in a blog post on your website. If you’re not confident with video, it’s a good introduction to video posting, and if you are confident with video then it’ll take you all of 5 minutes.

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My Predictions For 2024

This could be predictions for your industry, your business, a platform you post on, your area of expertise, anything you like. These posts are always fun to look back on next year to see whether you should be showing off your Mystic Meg badge. Make this post serious, make it light hearted and fun, or go for broke and write one of each!

Purple arrows pointing downThat’s ten blog or social media post ideas, 11 if you do two for the last idea – that should keep you going for December. Let me know how you get on! Fancy more ideas like this, alongside a whole load of SEO tips on a regular basis? Take a look at my membership group.

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