“SEO? Speak to Nikki. She’s a bloody legend”

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It’s always a little scary when another copywriter wants to have a 1-2-1 with me, (because hey, what do I know?) but I think it went well…

The always lovely Katie Murray of Dolphin HR took the plunge to find out more about how to include SEO in her copywriting for herself and her clients.

And I think she found it useful…


Here’s what she had to say:

✔ If you want to know anything about SEO, speak to Nikki. She’s a bloody legend.

✔ She’s an SEO superstar (I’d call her a guru, but she’d start swearing at me and calling BS). I learnt more from her in our hour today than I’d have got from days of my own learning.

✔ Yes, she’s direct, but that’s why I think she’s fab. You know exactly what you’re getting when you speak to Nikki. She will literally tell you As It Is and you’ll feel so much better for it.


The price for As It Is 1-2-1 sessions with me is going up in 2023, so why not book now to make sure you’re ready for whatever is thrown at us all next year?


If you

✔ kind of know what SEO is, but don’t know how to implement it into your website or writing…

✔ are worried about the ongoing Useful Content update and need to know how to write for search engines without looking like you’re writing for search engines…

✔ have clients that think all that is needed for SEO is a green icon in a Yoast plugin…

Then you need to hear it As It Is.

And if you want to get it at the current price (even if you don’t need the session until 2023) then you need to book before Dec 23rd.

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