25 blog titles inspired by Rishi Sunack’s Spring Statement 2022

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While not quite the day in the calendar event that the Budget is every year, the Spring Statement was widely anticipated by journalists and families alike; what would Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunack announce to help the UK through a period of recession, high fuel prices, the Ukraine war and lowering standards of living?

I’m not going to recap (the BBC have a key points article here)  but there are many blog and social media articles that your business could write that both educate readers and encourage people to visit your website.

Usually I split these posts into business sectors, but today I’m going to use different ‘types’ of blog titles and let you see whether they fit into your business area.

 ‘X key points’ blog titles

  • 5 ways Rishi Sunack’s Spring Statement affects people on benefits
  • 10 things the Chancellor of the Exchequer should have done in his Spring Statement
  • 3 positive things that came out of the Spring Statement
  • 4 main things Rishi Sunack missed out of his Spring Statement

Helping hand blog titles

  • How the Chancellor’s Spring Statement affects you
  • The Spring Statement – what should you do now?
  • Has the Spring Statement left you worried? Here’s how we can help
  • The Spring Statement – heating or eating? Can you do both?

Answer a question blog titles

  • Where can I find out about the Spring Statement?
  • What does the Spring Statement mean?
  • How much will I pay in NI?
  • Where can I apply for a council tax rebate?

Category specific blog titles

  • Food
    • How to keep down your eating costs in 2022
    • How to plan now for the rise in food prices
    • The store cupboard staples you should be stocking up on now
  • Petrol
    • Petrol saving habits you should be developing
    • The driving habits that could save you money on petrol
    • 3 sites that will show you the cheapest petrol prices in your area
    • Diesel or petrol – which is best while costs are rising?
  • National Insurance
    • Your payslip explained – where the NI changes will be shown
    • How do the NI changes affect me?
    • Does the change in NI offset the rising cost of living?
  • Business
    • Will the Spring Statement affect my business?
    • Self employed people and the effects of the Spring Statemen
    • How to explain the Spring Statement to your employees

The Spring Statement is big news at the moment, and anything you can write that will help people to understand it more and cope with it in a way that means something to them will be welcome. Use the following hashtags in your social media posts #springstatement #springstatement2022 #minibudget #rishisunack

(I haven’t talked about opinion piece blogs here, as I’m sure you’re all capable of working those ones out for yourselves, and I’d love to see them!)

If you’d like to chat to me about how topical events such as the Spring Statement from Rishi Sunack can help your business blog to attract more readers and generate business, book in a free call with me now. 



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