5 reasons you should sign up to my LinkedIn Content Challenge

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If posting on LinkedIn is one of those things that you put off day after day because you can’t think of any post ideas, then my LinkedIn Content Challenge is the thing you’ve been waiting for.

Here are 5(ish) reasons why:

1) I’ll tell you exactly what to post on LinkedIn, every day for 8 days, like a creative Jiminy Cricket sitting on your shoulder.

2) You’ll know I’m looking out for your posts, so you’re more likely to write them.

3) Your competitors have probably signed up by now, and you don’t want them to get the benefit rather than you.

4) Even if you post on LinkedIn already, a little bit of structure never hurt anyone.

5) It’s 8 days, 15 minutes a day, to increase interaction, exposure and reach.

Oh, and it’s free. And gives me something to write about other than SEO.

OK that’s 7 reasons, sue me – it’s about writing, not maths.

Get started right now.

Questions people ask about the LinkedIn Content Challenge

Is it really free or are you trying to sell me something?

We-ll, both – the challenge itself is most definitely free, but you do need to sign up to my email list to get it. And on day 8 I’m going to try and sell you my Content Engine membership. But plenty of people have done the challenge (and lots more than once) without having to buy anything from me.

You don’t know my business, how can you help me write posts?

The 8 daily challenges are written so that they could be relevant to any business at all. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a coach, web designer, copywriter, or someone who sells to the consumer – you’ll be able to use the challenge to kickstart or enhance your posting on LinkedIn.

Why 8 days? Isn’t that a strange number?

I wrote this challenge very specifically so that you could repeat the challenge over and over again. If it was 7 days, then it would b quite obvious that you posted a similar type of post every Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday etc. But with 8 days there’s no obvious ‘post type’ cycle.

What do you do with my email address?

Let’s be honest, I’m no email marketing genius, so in the main after you’ve finished the 8 days, apart from the odd email to ask if you’re keeping it up, your email just sits in my Mailerlite. I may use it to announce new LinkedIn related challenges, and to say “Hi” occasionally, but you’re not going to be spammed. If I send out an email to all of my list sectors (again, this is quite rare) then you’ll get those too.

I don’t want to have to think about posting on LinkedIn – can you help me?

I can! Pop over to my LinkedIn Management page to find out more, or book a call with me.

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