About Nikki Pilkington

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Who am I?


I’m a freelance SEO expert and B2B content writer offering Search Engine Optimisation and  SEO copywriting services, based near Wellingborough and Northampton. (Need to be top of Google? Get in touch and let’s see if I can help.)

This means that not only do I understand B2B copywriting, I understand how to make it sell to your customers but also do well in Google and other search engines.

I started promoting businesses in 1992. I started promoting websites in 1994. Before the days of Google, when you could submit your website to a search engine, go have a cuppa, and come back to see where you were listed.

Things have changed since then. SEO copywriting is now about more than just titles of blog posts and keywords on a page. A good SEO copywriter needs to know about keyword research, technical SEO, structuring a website, and more.

SEO is still my first love, fickle mistress though she is, alongside the non-technical things that make it work: content writing, SEO copy, Social Media and blogging for business.

I’ve optimised company websites for recruiters, other copywriters, psychometric assessment companies, telesales organisations, web design agencies and more.

I’ve written SEO optimised copy for industries as far apart as factory flooring and hazardous area engineering. From app development companies to social media marketers. From scientific testing to toy manufacturing.

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What do people say about me?

Meghan Downs says I’m “a coffee-fuelled, straight-talking, super-helpful legend.”

🧙‍♂️ Jon Dunckley says I’m “some kind of next-level SEO magician.”

👵 Simon P MARSHALL says I’m “the grandmother of SEO” (but we don’t talk about that).

⭐ Karen Bright says I’m “an SEO legend and widely respected for her extensive knowledge and skills.”

🧠 Matt Drzymała says “Her knowledge is incredible.”

💋 Dee Primett says I’m “one of the most genuine and nicest people you could meet…”

✨ Katie Murray says “If you want to know anything about SEO, speak to Nikki. She’s a bloody legend.”

So I reckon I’m not a bad person to talk to about SEO.

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Recent SEO & copywriting projects include:

  • An ISO27001 consultancy
  • A UX/UI website design agency
  • A business awards website
  • A recruitment training website
  • A toy testing laboratory
  • A factory floor manufacturer
  • A Social Media Management company
  • A Research and Development Tax company
  • A GPT (Get Paid To) community website
  • Numerous clients for a copywriting agency
  • An online training website
  • A Ghostwritten biography

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I can help you with

My first website visits of the day are SEMrush and Google Search Console – research and statistics are my lifeblood and you’ll often find me generating graphs and Excel sheets to prove a point!

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In my personal life I am a mother and grandmother, dog owner, gardener and veg grower, and I love an Oxford comma…

If you think you’d like to work with me, get in touch now. Or, connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter.