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Blogging for Business

What is Blogging for Business?

We all know what blogging is – regularly updating content on your website, sometimes done to educate, often to inform and always with one eye on SEO.

But Blogging for Business is not just throwing a few words on a page and hoping for the best. It needs planning, strategising and a decent amount of forethought.

  • What are you using your blog FOR?
  • How can your business blog enhance your website?
  • If your visitors from search engines come into your website via a blog post, how does your blog encourage them to enter your sales process?

Done properly, your business blog can educate, inspire, inform, and yes, sell.

I don’t know how to do all that!

The thing is, you probably do; you just haven’t thought about it.

And, you CAN do all of this yourself. But then again, you could fix your car yourself, cook a restaurant level gourmet meal on your own, and rewire the electrics in your house, with a little help from YouTube. However, you still probably pay a mechanic, go out for dinner occasionally and pay an electrician to sort out your house, right?

If you want to do it yourself, but just need some guidance, take a look at my Blog Mentoring services – I’ll help you to formulate your strategy, think of things to write, and help you with SEO to make sure that your self written blog posts do the best they can for your business.

If, however, you’d rather let someone else do all the nitty gritty and just have a smooth, well run blog attached to your business website, that generates business, loyalty and ensures that potential customers find what they’re looking for then I’m your woman!

What’s the Blogging for Business process?

Once you’ve agreed to possibly work with me, I’ll start by spending some time chatting to you about your business. We’ll talk about your aims and goals for your blog, and what you want to achieve.

I’ll ask you A LOT of questions about your business, because that’s what your potential clients would do.

I’ll look at your previous blog posts and what can be repurposed or rewritten, or simply optimised better for SEO.

We’ll decide together what will work, what won’t work and what we think could work and want to give a try.

Then I’ll do a little research and put together a suggested plan. This will be fully costed and should give you some ideas of whether you want to work with me for your blogging project. It will include some sample blog post headings that are yours to keep, whatever happens.

Once you decide to go ahead, my in depth research starts. Depending on your industry and your ideal clients. it could be reading your competitors’ blogs or it could be reading publications relating to your industry. It might be soliciting opinions (anonymously) on Social Media. In some cases I’ll need to speak to your clients. Every project is different.

Once I’ve written your business blog post I’ll send you a first draft, you’ll let me know your thoughts and I’ll do my best to incorporate them. I say I’ll do my best because, let’s be honest, you’re paying me as a blogging expert, so if something won’t work, I’ll tell you. Then I will send you your final blog post and you can post to your blog.

How much does Blogging for Business cost?

As in the case of SEO Copywriting, each blog post takes a differing amount of time. I’ve written a blog post in an hour, and others have taken all day.

However, in this case I’ve tried to simplify the buying process and charge per blog post. The more you buy, the better the price. And the longer the contract, the more cost effective it becomes.

A rough guide is:

  • One off blog post – £379
  • 4 blog posts package – £1479
  • 8 blog posts package – £2579
  • 12 blog posts package – £3679

There is a 5% discount for retainer contracts.

You’ve convinced me – what now?

Awesome – book in now for a free call and let’s have a chat!

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