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❓ Do you make sure to write a LinkedIn post at least 3 times a week, but haven’t updated your website in ages?

❓ Or are you paying someone else to write a blog post once a month, then never thinking of it again?

❓ Maybe you’ve written case studies and lead magnets for your website, then posted them on your socials once, but not used them since?

It’s a criminal waste that every single business and website owner creates a ton of copy every year that gets seen once, then never again.

✅ That LinkedIn post that you spent ages writing and rewriting – just a fleeting moment on the LinkedIn timeline, subject to the whims of the algorithm.

✅ The 1500 word blog post that either you or someone you paid wrote, linked to from all of your social channels, then left isitting on your website in the hope that it would be smiled upon by the Google Gods.

✅ That awesome newsletter content you wrote a few months ago, that has only ever been seen by the 120 people who subscribe to your email list.

Every business owner has a shitload of copy that could (and should) be used in more than one place.

I’m not just talking about a straight copy and paste (although there’s nothing wrong with that in a lot of cases). but turned into something great for each of the platforms that can promote you, made into something that can sell your products or services over and over again.

There’s a reason that the word repurpose has PURPOSE in it. If you’ve written it with purpose, then use it with purpose.

If you need help putting a strategy in place for re-using and repurposing content, grab an hour with me and let’s talk.


  • Look through the content you already have and see how it can be repurposed elsewhere, for reach and SEO
  • Come up with ideas for new content that can be used in more than one place
  • Talk about the sequence of content posting you should be doing
  • End the call with a plan to make sure that none of your lovingly written content ever gets left by the wayside again.

Book yours now to start making the most of the things you’re already producing.

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