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A copywriter who wants to know more about easy-to-implement SEO ideas for yourself or your clients?

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You’ll find out about:

  • Keywords – why they matter, fab ways to find them, even better ways to use them.
  • On-Page SEO – how there’s more to on-page SEO than header tags and keyword percentages.
  • Meta Descriptions – because they matter more than people will lead you to believe.
  • Content – ways to be a little more clever and make the most of everything you write.
  • Technical SEO – simple things that people think are too difficult, but could make a big difference to your website.

1 email a week, on a Thursday, and there will be homework! (If you’re using Gmail, it could end up in your Promotions tab, so be sure to look out for it!)

Sorry, you missed out on the last 2023 intake, next series starts in 2024

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