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I wrote this article in 2021 for a Mortgage Broker, to be featured on a property website. It still retains top 3 positioning on Google for the selected keyphrases.

Shared Ownership staircasing – what are my options?

For buyers unable to enter the housing and property market by ‘conventional’ means, when Shared Ownership was introduced by the government in the 1980s it became a viable alternative route to home ownership.

By giving first time buyers the chance to purchase a share in a new build housing association property, Shared Ownership helped many buyers onto the property ladder at a time when house prices were increasing, and first time buyers were struggling.

In 2021, Shared Ownership is still a popular route into the property/homeowner market and many first time buyers favour this option of buying 25-75% of a property, paying rent on the rest and eventually staircasing their way to (in some cases) full 100% ownership.

Here, Milton Keynes mortgage brokers Visionary Finance help you to negotiate the staircasing maze and answer the main questions we get asked along the way.

Read the rest of the article here.

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