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This was produced in 2021. It was written for a copywriting agency and the client was the UK’s first Islamic Business Banking app. In the copy recreated below, all links, company names and images have been removed. This piece is 1063 words long and was produced with a 72 hour turnaround.

Introducing the UK’s first alternative Islamic digital Business Banking app!

British Muslims can finally manage their finances with a brand new UK based service that is fast, secure, intuitive and seamless.

RXXX are proud to be the first Sharia-compliant digital business banking app in the UK; not only is the RXXX app extremely simple to sign up to, it also allows you to make lightning quick payments, manage your business finances, benefit from interest free business banking and more!

Read on to find out more about the features or sign up now on the RXXX website.


The business banking app is launched with a whole host of features that finally allow British Muslims to manage their finances with a fast, secure, Sharia compliant service.

Sharia Compliant

At RXXX we understand your core beliefs and values, on an emotional and a lifestyle level.

Our Sharia compliant app offers interest free banking – forever. Our team take a proactive approach to ensure that our app fully espouses the values of Sharia in all activities. Our app follows the entire system of Islamic law and values, derived from the Qaran and the teachings of the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him).

Free & Quick Onboarding

RXXX is completely free to sign up and your account can be open in minutes instead of thedays it can take using traditional banking methods. No long phone calls, printed forms, or queuing in branches. Your details are automatically verified, which means that you can spend, receive and send money almost immediately, from the comfort of your office or home.


RXXX FXXX TXXX Limited is registered with the FCA and your funds are held in a tier 1 bank in the UK, within a ring fenced structure, which means that is secure and protected.

Your Business Bank Account

With a RXXX Business bank account, you will receive:

 A UK Sort Code, Account Number and IBAN
 Faster Payment Send Transfers
 Faster Payment Receive Transfers
 Free ATM withdrawals (up to £200 a month, then £1.99 per withdrawal)
 A GBP wallet
 Business Customer Support

Physical Card

When you sign up to RXXX, we will send you a physical debit card which can be used in most shops in the UK. This card can also be used where a contactless facility is available.

Contactless transactions are currently limited to £45 per transaction in most UK stores. The daily transaction limit on your debit card is £1000, with a single transaction limit of £250. You can use your RXXX card for up to 10 transactions per day.

Virtual Card

We will also issue you with a virtual Mastercard debit card, that will allow you to shop and purchase online from your account balance. This can be used on many retail websites, as well as being compatible with Google Pay (with Apple Pay coming soon).

Send Money Abroad

If you are looking to send money to a foreign bank account, RXXX allows you to make cheap transfers abroad, immediately and with no hidden charges. You can send up to £3000 per transaction within a 24 hour window (£3500 total for multiple transactions) and receive up to £3500 per 24 hours. Compared to High Street banks, this service is faster and lower cost for our business customers.

Mobile App

You can get the RXXX app on Android and iOS, with all banking features available on both versions. This allows you to not only view your current balance on your business account, but to also get a quick and easy breakdown of your spending.

You can manage all your business finances through your mobile phone, wasting less effort on time consuming admin, meaning you have more time to focus on and grow your business!

Priority Business Support

As standard to our Business customers, we offer priority support. We have a range of Frequently Asked Questions, but if you have a different query, our team of advisors are available to help.

That’s not all – see what’s coming soon

Online Banking

With online banking soon to be offered as standard by RXXX, you will be able to do all the things you would expect from any other bank account. Set up standing orders, transfer money, check your balance, send money abroad: all the things you need to keep your finances in order.

Budgeting Tools

We will soon be able to offer a number of budgeting tools to help you to keep on top of your business finances. See where you are spending money, where you can save, and more, within the app and website.

Spending Analytics

From the launch of the app, you will be able to see an analysis of money in and money out, but in future releases you will be able to break that down by category, company, value etc. These features will ensure that you have an umbrella view of your company finances, all available on your mobile phone.

Seamless Charity Donations

Charity donations have been a very successful feature of our Personal accounts, so we’ll be bringing the same seamless option to our Business account very soon.

Earn Cashback

When you use your card to spend at your favourite UK stores, you will be able to earn cashback which will be deposited into your account.

Shared Cards

If you have more than one person needing access to finance within your business, we will soon be able to offer shared accounts, linked access and to issue multiple cards from the same account.

It is Written

With the RXXX Business Account, Bitish Mulims can finally manage their finances with a Sharia compliant, fast, secure and seamless service.

The notion of RXXX is a powerful spiritual connection and a divine relationship – at RXXX we believe that our pre-ordained destiny is Written, but not accessed without effort and action.

Find Out More

Why not:

 Meet our Team – find out more about our CEO SXXXX AXXX, and the team that has helped to build RXXX.
 View our FAQs – whether you have a question regarding signing up, Sharia compliance, transferring money or something more technical, this is the place to start.
 Find out more about the Muslim lifestyle and how it relates to finance – to us, Sharia compliance is more than just a stamp of approval on financial products.

Are you ready for the RXXX Revolution?

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