Current SEO and Content Writing projects June 2023

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The first in a new series of monthly posts detailing the projects and clients I’m working on each month.

It’s been a busy June, with new clients, new projects, and great plans with some retainer clients.

New SEO Client

Everyday Change

I’m delighted to welcome aboard the wonderful Susie Palmer-Trew of Everyday Change, a change management consultancy. Susie read some of my posts on LinkedIn and got in touch to ask about working on her blog posts. We quickly ascertained that she also needed search engine optimisation, so a lot of June has been spent getting the technical aspects of her site up to scratch, before starting work on the on page optimisation.

New Services

RePurpose Power Hour

An hour, with me, to talk about and find the content you have that could be RePurposed elsewhere. Those LinkedIn posts you only ever used once. Comments on Social Media that could be turned into blog posts. Blog posts that could be reused across social media. Book your RePurpose 121 now.

LinkedIn Content Challenge

A free 8 day email course to help you to find your feet on LinkedIn. Sign up here.

RePurpose Done for You

Not only can I find the content you need to RePurpose elsewhere, I can do it for you.

Ongoing Work

NTH Leicester

A chemical testing lab based in Leicester, NTH first came to me a year or so ago, and I’ve been rewriting a lot of their web content, writing blog posts, and helping out occasionally with LinkedIn. They’re now offering salt testing in food and mineral analysis for supplements, so June is mainly researching and writing about that.

Copywriting for Recruiters

One of my favourite things to do is to work with other copywriters, because the basics they give me are always awesome. For CfR, I am working on their SEO, and reformatting a lot of LinkedIn content into blog posts, to back up and enhance the SEO work done elsewhere on the website. One of my favourite blog posts on this site is What’s the difference between a Job Description and a Job Ad?




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