I want a blog that’s at the top of Google before I do any work on it – and I want it to be free

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I received the following request this morning:

I am looking to start a blog that is free (or very cheap) to run, is easy to edit and write on and add photos etc.
I want this blog to be fully search engine optimised, so it comes up close to the top of google for all relevant search terms as well.  I also want some ad space on the site so I can start earning straight away.
How much would you charge for this?  I just want to be handed a blog that is at the top of google and is ready to go when you are finished…
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I don’t even know where to begin with this one without seeming rude….
This person wants a free or cheap blog that is at the top of Google before they even do any work on it, for all the relevant search terms (without mentioning the niche or search terms they want) and wants to be earning ad money from it.
If anyone is handing these kind of blogs out, let me know please. If you have a spare Johnny Depp, I’ll have that too :)
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The simple facts are:
  • blogs may be free or cheap, but they still need work.
  • a brand new blog won’t appear at the top of Google for ‘all relevant search terms’ until it has some content.
  • most ad revenue is earned on affiliate schemes or page views – a new blog needs traffic to provide either revenue.
  • starting a blog is not an easy way to financial freedom – it’s hard work and requires thought, planning and lots of attention.

There are too many blogs languishing around with no visitors and no point – don’t make yours one of them!

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Need help with setting up a blog the right way? Drop me an email and I may be able to help.

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