Keep a LinkedIn ‘swipe file’ to make posting easier

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Following on from my last LinkedIn tip, this is something I do a lot, and never really thought to tell people about until I had a conversation with a Content Engine member over Whatsapp recently.

For those times when you don’t have the time or the energy to post, keep a swipe file.

Mine’s in a Google Doc and in emails I send to myself – yours could be in Notion, a spreadsheet, the Notes app on your phone – whatever works for you.

When you want to post on LinkedIn, but don’t have a load of time to hang around and comment, these little swipe posts make really good throwaway posts. They might not get a lot of traction at the time, but they will be seen in the future, and they do tell LinkedIn you’re still hanging around.

Here’s an example of one of my swipe file posts.

Here’s another.

And all the links below are from swipe file posts.

I’ve just read through some blog posts from a few of the members here, and from every one I could pull out at least 5 items to put in their swipe file.


Your swipe file doesn’t just have to have bits pulled from your own blog posts in it. It could have things from other people’s posts in it and your thoughts. Like this post from me where I gave another copywriter a shout-out for a great piece of writing.

Your swipe file is great for pulling together quick and easy LinkedIn posts in minutes.

Start collecting:

I’ve only gone back 2 months and at least 8 of the posts I’ve put on LinkedIn have been from my swipe file.

Start yours today, and if you’re not sure what to put in drop me an email and I’ll get you started.

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