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I wrote this for a copywriting agency, where the client was a H&R Tax Advisory company.

UK government has invited architects to “shape the future”

Architects are welcoming the chance to shape the future of architecture by submitting their views to the UK government via an online survey.

An open invitation has been issued to those working in the architectural and built environment professions asking them to put forwards their views on regulation, improving diversity, sustainability, innovation and the role that the Architect’s Registration Board plays
in all of this.

Submissions opened on August 16th 2021 and the closing date for submissions is 8.45pm on November 8th 2021.

The government consultation describes itself as ‘a call for evidence (to) consider the current regulation for architects and the architectural sector in the UK’ telling us that the review will complement existing work and will invite responses on wider aspects including:

  • How the profession can become more diverse and accessible.
  • Whether the current regulatory regime is fit for purpose.
  • The role of the regulation of architects in ensuring a more sustainable built
  • How the government can promote innovation in the sector.

You can submit your views by clicking here to go to the online form.

Making the profession more diverse and accessible

While this consultation is being posited as part of a wholesale review aimed at ‘upholding the UK’s global architectural reputation’, it will also look at how regulations can be modernised, diversity values improved and whether the current regime is seen as fit for purpose.

Questions relating to architectural regulations and how they can improve upon sustainability, and ideas for government innovation within the sector are also included.

Looking to the future

Christopher Pincher, the UK government housing minister, commented “Our architectural sector is one of the best in the world – with first-class educational institutions, world-leading practices, and a healthy export market,”

He continued:

“The review we are launching today builds on this outstanding legacy, looking to the future and exploring the changes we need for an innovative, accessible and broad profession that delivers better, greener and safer design and construction.”

In addition to the review, the government will also be holding thematic workshops and interviewing sector representatives.

Industry backing

The Architects Registration Board chair, Alan Kershaw, commented “The government’s review asks important questions about policy and regulation, and we look forward to playing a full part in shaping and supporting an architectural profession that is fit for the future.”

As well as the Architects Registration Board, the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland have tweeted their support for the initiative, stating, “RIAS encourage members to engage with this opportunity to shape the future of the profession and contribute to a wholesale review that will consider modernising regulation, improving diversity and upholding UK’s global reputation in architecture.”

Take part

If you are an architect or involved in architecture in a professional capacity, this is an ideal chance for you to share your views with the government. To take part, simply visit the government website and fill in the online form.

Initial findings are expected to be presented to Mr Pincher in the Spring of 2022, with an outcome expected in the Summer.

Continue the conversation

Have you submitted your views? Do you have something to say on this subject? Why not join us on LinkedIn and tell us your thoughts?

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