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I wrote this piece in December 2020 when I was working on a contract with a Digital Marketing & PR agency in Northamptonshire.

It is a long form blog post about SEO in 2021.


It goes without saying that 2020 has been a time of change and adaptation for many businesses, and you could be forgiven for thinking that things may die down a little now, but while taking some time out of business over the Christmas 2020 period, it’s worth spending some time looking forward to the SEO Trends that will be affecting every online business in 2021.

2021 SEO Trend 1 – Content

Intent will be more important than keywords

For many years SEO has focused purely on keywords and  keyphrases – are we number one for this, why have we dropped to number 5 for that, why aren’t we in the top ten for localised phrases x y and z? But more recently, and certainly into 2021, the focus will see a massive shift towards user intent, need/concerns and solutions.

This means that rather than purely looking at the technical aspect of SEO, companies will need to start thinking about a more holistic approach to SEO.

Your Website Content Action Plan

Break down your content into the following area

  • Think about your customer or potential client – what is it that they want when they start a search, whether it be via Google, Bing or any other search engine? (INTENT).
  • Which aspect of product or service that you supply do they have a problem with? What is the issue that has sent them to a search engine search in the first place? (NEED).
  • How can you help to solve that problem, whether it be by giving free information, a link to a product or service you supply, or a quick consultation? (SOLUTION).

Sites that think about the above aspects and spend the time to provide the relevant information will be head and shoulders above competitors when Google and other search engines start rolling out new algorithms in 2021.

Read the whole post:

5 SEO Trends You Should Be Taking Notice Of In 2021

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