SEO Blogging and Ghostblogging – September 2012 vs September 2022

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How is it September already?  This month in September 2012, according to my Twitter, I was writing client blog posts about:

▶ Small business SEO
▶ Pinterest for photographers
▶ Blog post promotion
▶ Social media and blogging strategy
▶ Virtual assistants
▶ Wedding fireworks
▶ Bookkeeping for entrepreneurs

How crazy is it that that was ten years ago?!

Booked in for September 2022 I have:

▶ A Patreon review
▶ UK manufacturing standards for toys
▶ 5 new mentoring clients
▶ Social Media for small business
▶ Factory flooring requisites
▶ R&D tax credits
▶ The usual top secret stuff I’m not allowed to mention…

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Here are the questions people ask after reading “Blogging and Ghostblogging – September 2012 vs September 2022”

❓ Why is some of the website copywriting you’re working on ‘Top Secret’?

? I work as a freelancer / subcontractor for quite a few Web Design companies, Copywriting agencies and Content providers, where they pay me a slightly lower rate than my normal rate in order to sell my services to their clients. Part of the agreement is that I sign an NDA which states I cannot publicise that I have written the content, either to my followers or the client themselves. I also write for companies that don’t have the time to write their own blogs or articles and they don’t want it to be known that they use an outside writer. This is sometimes known as ghostwriting or ghostblogging.

❓ How do you manage to write for so many different types of company and do them all justice?

? Some of the subjects mentioned above are for clients I’ve worked with for a long time, and we have a very organised strategic plan when it comes to blogging. I know a lot about their business, tone of voice and what subjects I need to be researching. Alongside that and making sure I keep on top of World, UK and industry news, finding new things to write about is pretty easy.

When it’s a new company, I have to spend time researching their industry and clients, making sure that I know enough about the subject and coming up with a good plan in order to make sure that when I am blogging or writing for their business, I’m doing it well.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll also know I drink a LOT of coffee!

❓ How does the mentoring work?

? You can find out more about Blogging Buddy here.

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