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SEO Copywriting

What is SEO Copywriting?

Copywriting is just copywriting, isn’t it? Unfortunately in 2022 it’s not. When you write copy for your website you have to take into account SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as without SEO knowledge your lovely company website could be languishing on page 493 of Google when potential clients search for it.

SEO Copywriting takes into account the search phrases that your possible future customers will be typing into search engines when they look for businesses just like yours. It takes into account the intent of these people (do they want to buy? Are they just looking for free info?) and structures your copy in a way that will give you a better chance of appearing in their search results.

After all, what’s the point of having a website if no-one can ever find it on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.?

What is the SEO Copywriting process?

Once you’ve agreed to work with me, I’ll start by spending some time chatting to you about your business. We’ll talk about keywords and keyphrases that you think people would use to find your company. This can be enlightening, because what YOU think your clients will search for isn’t always what they ACTUALLY search for.

We’ll talk about your ideal client, what marketing you’ve done, what you want to do and the image you want to portray. Some of my clients like ‘chatty’ copy, others want a more ‘corporate’ feel.

We’ll decide whether you need new pages on your website to help your SEO, or new blog posts to capture phrases your website can’t right now. We might decide that you need better Social Media posts to drive people to your website as well as SEO copywriting.

Then I’ll do a little research and put together a suggested plan. This will be fully costed and should give you some idea of whether you want to work with me for your copywriting project.

Once I have the go ahead, my in depth research starts. The form this takes very much depends on your industry and your ideal clients. It could be reading about your competitors, it could be reading industry publications. It might be soliciting opinions (anonymously) on Social Media. In some cases I’ll need to speak to your clients. Every project is different.

You’ll then get a first draft of everything within the timescales we’ve agreed. This is your chance to suggest any changes (but be warned, if I disagree with them I’ll tell you why!)

The final part of the project will be delivery of the final draft. If it’s a blog post, I can post it to your website, ready for you to hit ‘publish’.

How much does SEO copywriting cost?

This is the part that every copywriter hates. Because there’s no template for it. Each copywriting project takes a differing amount of time. I’ve had projects take 5 hours and projects that took 50 hours.

Some copywriters will charge per project, others charge per hour. I charge per page.

Depending on the project and the time needed I charge between £349 and £479 per page. You’ll have a full breakdown of costs in the initial plan I send you so there will be no nasty surprises!

As a rough guide, Social Media copy will take me less time than a full on SEO website rewrite. Writing a blog for your website sits somewhere in the middle.

You’ve convinced me – what now?

Awesome – book in now for a free call and let’s have a chat!

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