Should you focus on keywords and phrases with 0 (zero) search volume?

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Something I see people say a lot is ‘there’s no point focusing a blog or social media post around X keyword, because [insert tool of choice] tells me it gets 0 searches per month.

And it’s wrong for a couple of reasons.

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Zero isn’t necessarily zero

Zero, in most cases means fewer than 10 searches per month. Which could still be 9. Which is 108 searches a year. Usually on a phrase that you have every chance of getting a good Google ranking for.

If I told you that I could put 108 people in front of you that wanted to hear you talk to them about a very specific issue they had that you could help with, and the chances were some of them would buy from you, would you say no?

I doubt it.

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It’s about more than just keyphrases

Google shows search results based upon search intent, as well as the keywords or phrases used. Which means that one simple phrase that has a low amount of searches could be worth optimising for when you take into account the different ways people might search for it.

Mark and Jack from SEO newsletter Core Updates explain it really well, so I’m going to show you what they say, and encourage you to sign up to their newsletter for other great little SEO tips.

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Explanation of why you shouldn't disregard 0 volume keyphrases

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So next time you’re doing keyword research for yourselves, your clients, or your business, don’t discount phrases that you know have relevance, just because they appear to have no searches. 

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