Yoast WordPress plugin isn’t SEO and other SEO myths

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❗ Yoast WordPress plugin isn’t SEO.

❗ Why have you made the first paragraph a H2 header? That’s not how H2s work.

❗ What’s the target key phrase? I can’t tell. If I can’t tell, Google can’t tell.

These are all real-life examples of comments I’ve given to my monthly Blogging Buddy clients recently.

But not everyone wants to commit to a monthly session with me, no matter how good it is for their copy and their SEO.

Which is why you need to hear it As It Is.

This 60 minute 1-to-1 Zoom session is for you if you write for yourself, your business or your employer, and if you:

✔ kind of know what SEO is, but don’t know how to implement it into your website or writing…

✔ are worried about the ongoing Useful Content update and need to know how to write for search engines without looking like you’re writing for search engines…

✔ have clients that think all that is needed for SEO is a green icon in a Yoast plugin…

Does this sound like you? Then you need to hear it As It Is.

Spend an hour, with me, talking about the SEO stuff that will help your website (and your clients) to do more in 2023.

Book here.

Questions? Grab me on LinkedIn and let’s chat!

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