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Have I removed my contact form? Yes.

Is it because every man and his, her, or their bloody dog was using it to spam me with offers of guest posts and paid links? Yes.

Are there other ways you can get in touch with me? Of course.

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  • Email me on

  • Grab me on LinkedIn

  • Find me (still, hanging on in there) on Twitter/X

  • Drop me a line on Instagram or Threads

  • WhatsApp me on 07749 378907

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Please note, due to previous experience of having my personal phone number on my website, I screen my calls, so if you’re not someone I already know, the chances of me picking up the phone to you are pretty slim. Please leave a message so I know you’re not a weirdo, or get in touch in one of the other ways first.

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If you want to chat more about what I do, you can always BYOC (Bring Your Own Coffee) and book a quick call.

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If you want to get in touch to offer me paid backlinks or guest posts: with all the politeness in the world, please bugger off.