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I make you sound as AWESOME online as you do in real life…

SEO Copywriting, Content Marketing, Blogging & Ghostblogging, Training & Mentoring.

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SEO Copywriting

Words for Websites

If your website is your window to the world, your curtains need to be first class…

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When you don’t have time to keep up with blogging, I keep up for you…

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Training & Mentoring to help you do blogging, your way, with my help…

Why use an outside person to write your words?

Because writing is hard!

Writing about yourself or your own business is tough. Writing in a way that makes other people want to engage is even tougher. Generating sales from the words that you write is possibly the toughest part of all.

My 4 step process makes everything easier.

1) Discovery Call

Book in a call via telephone or Zoom so that we can talk about what you need and what you want to achieve.

2) Plan / Proposal

I’ll put together a plan and some ideas for you to look through and we can talk again if needed.

3) Research

I’ll fully research your industry / niche, and make sure that the words I write will be the right ones for your customers.

4) Fast Delivery

Once a plan is agreed, I work quickly to make sure you get what you need in the shortest possible time.

Not sure what you need?

Book your free initial call now – we can talk on Zoom, Teams or mobile; the choice is yours.

Questions and answers


What do you know about SEO?

I started promoting websites almost 30 years ago, before Google existed, and have continued to promote websites through many many algorithm changes. SEO is in my blood.


What do you know about Copywriting?

From website copy to blog posts and beyond, I’ve been writing content since my days of dreaming of being a journalist. I know copy inside out.


What do you know about my industry?

Over 30 years I’ve written about industries as far apart as children’s clothing and engineering. I’ve promoted web design agencies, architects and accountants, through to SAAS companies and beyond. Extensive research allows me to write about most industries with knowledge and ease.

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    Google first page guaranteed – when is a guarantee not a guarantee?

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    SEO Blogging and Ghostblogging – September 2012 vs September 2022

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