How many keyphrases can I optimise a web page for?

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Keyphrases are for Pages, Not Sites

Stop thinking about keyphrases for your whole site. Focus on individual pages. There’s no magic number of keywords for a website, just make sure each page has the right ones. Different pages, different topics, different keywords.

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High search volume, low keyword difficulty

Before you worry about how many keywords to use, figure out which ones are worth it. Look for keywords with high search volume and low competition. High search volume depends on your industry – could be 10 searches a month or 5000. Use these numbers to compare keywords, not as gospel.

Keywords with high search volume are often very competitive. Find a middle ground – good volume, but not a bloody battlefield.

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Choose One Primary Keyphrase

Every page needs one primary keyword. Sure, you can target three to five keywords per page, but one should be your star, your ‘hero phrase’. The rest are backup dancers. Use secondary keywords in different sections of your content, but your main keyword is the focus.

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You’ll Rank for More Than You Target

Your pages will rank for more keyphrases than you specifically target. That’s a bonus – more traffic for you.

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Don’t Worry About Rank Tracking

Stop obsessing over keyword rankings. Use your primary keyword as a guide for creating content. Focus on topics people are searching for. Yes, it’s nice to see your keyword high on the SERPs, but rankings fluctuate based on personalisation and location.

Instead, look at traffic. Use Google Analytics and Google Search Console. If your content gets good views, people spend time on your page, and they’re clicking your CTAs, you’re doing fine.

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