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This was originally a post in my Content Engine membership group, where I post about content ideas for your blogs and social media channels, as well as share easily actionable SEO tips and advice.

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Lots of you are here to up your LinkedIn game, as well as your blogs, and this works equally well for both.

The number one question I’m asked is ‘how often should I post?’, followed by number two, which is ‘how do I stay consistent?’.

Now, this won’t work for everyone, but it’s a good place to start.

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Firstly, the one thing any algorithm likes is consistency.

Consistency could be:

  • once a month – updating and resubmitting your website content to Google
  • once a fortnight – posting a new blog post
  • once a week – posting a recap of your LinkedIn activity to your LinkedIn Business page
  • 3 times a week – posting to your personal LinkedIn profile

Consistency is just doing something regularly enough that it becomes an expectation.

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LinkedIn loves consistency. And gets confused when you disappear.

It’s why your reach tends to drop if you haven’t posted to a schedule you’ve been sticking to up until now.

What you need to do is decide your schedule.

I try to post every day (even weekends), and boy do I know about it if I miss a few days. My posts don’t even have tumbleweed on them if I forget a day or two.

So, find your schedule and stick to it as much as you can.

A good example came up in a Content Engine First Class member call this morning.

If you think about your sales funnel (bear with me, you all know I hate wanky sales talk, but it works here) as having 3 parts; most people are at one of 3 stages:

  1. They’re connected to you or see your posts, but don’t know much about what you do or the problems you solve.
  2. They know about you in general, know the kind of problems you solve, but don’t think they need your help.
  3. They are at a point where they need the service that you provide, and ready to engage.

So your schedule could be based on those 3 points.

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Define your schedule

Making it easy, commit to posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


This is an education post – it’s there to hit the keyword algorithm and talk in wider terms about what you do.

Talk generally on a Monday about coaching, training, translating, web design, copywriting, whatever it is you do.

This helps LinkedIn to know where to categorise you and who to show your posts to.


This is your mid-funnel post. Start relating the things you do to real life situations. If you can put in actionable points, do, because LinkedIn loves this, and so do people.

This starts to show people who read your posts that what you do can be related to their lives.


This is your ‘real life example’ post. When I read this one I want to be able to put myself in the shoes of the person or situation you are writing about. It’s specific.

  • Don’t talk about web design, talk about the layout of contact forms on retail websites.
  • Don’t talk about coaching or therapy, talk about the manager that came to you with burnout and the strategies you helped them to implement.
  • Don’t talk about copywriting, talk about the article you wrote for your healthcare client that now has 2,000 links to it.
  • Don’t talk about leadership development, talk about how you increased the profitability of one department of a company by working with the management team.

Then next Friday, talk about a different problem you solved.

There are a lot of Fridays ahead, stick to one singular issue per Friday post.

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Why does this work?

The schedule allows you to make a plan of the things you are going to talk about. Use the post subjects and ideas I’ve already talked about in this group to help. Even if it’s a rough plan.

The posts themselves educate not only the LinkedIn algorithm, but also your readers. You’ll hopefully show up more often in their newsfeeds, they’ll learn more about what you do, and your specific issue posts might just hit a nerve.

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Let me know how you get on, and, as always, drop me a message if you need any help.

If you’re struggling with LinkedIn and social media in general, my Content Engine membership could help. First Class members get a 30 minute call with me once a month where we can go over this and any other LinkedIn, Blogging, or SEO issues you have.

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