LinkedIn posts don’t have to be long form

by | Jun 1, 2024 | Social Media | 0 comments

I saw a post on Twitter recently where the original author said that she thought people saying they could write 12 LinkedIn posts in 2 hours wasn’t possible.

This was the exchange (the original post wasn’t aimed at me BTW, it was just a random tweet).

I very rarely take more than 15 minutes to write a post, so I disagreed, but the ensuing conversation made me realise that so many people think that posts on LinkedIn need to be long-form, wordy, and have abject value every time.

And they simply don’t.

Sometimes an amusing couple of paragraphs, or an illuminating quote from one of your blog posts will make a perfectly good LinkedIn post.

The idea of posting regularly is to keep you in people’s minds – they don’t have to (or want to I would imagine) read reams of text from you every day.

So next time you’re struggling for a post but want to show up on LinkedIn, try to lower your own expectations of yourself a little. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. Sometimes DONE is better than PERFECT.

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