LinkedIn reach problems? And a quick tip

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LinkedIn Reach

A little birdie tells me that LinkedIn is migrating the site over to a new hosting platform, which is creating no end of problems, and could well be the reason that reach and interaction on posts is low at the moment.

It’s a reliable birdie, so could be the reason for a lot of the LinkedIn glitches at the moment (the hashtag search in particular has been a pain for  few weeks, and I’m seeing a lot of week old posts in my timeline rather than newer ones) – my advice is to just hang on in there and keep posting to your personal schedule.

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Quick Tip

I spoke recently about the need to have a schedule, but was reminded in a couple of calls over the last week or so that I hadn’t specifically said that you should put your schedule in your appointments calendar.

Telling yourself you’ll post on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is all well and good, but we all know life gets in the way.

What I do is hard schedule my LinkedIn posts as appointments in my calendar. I use Motion, so I have to tick things off as I do them, and there’s nothing worse at the end of the day than an unticked appointment item!

Another tip I’ve been giving people is to schedule these ‘appointments’ at 7am. Not because you’re going to DO them at 7am (unless that’s your type of thing), but so that they are the first thing on your daily list, and they don’t clash with any actual calls or meetings you have booked.

When they’re at the top of your daily list, you’re more likely to do them.

How you do it is up to you – mine just says “LinkedIn Post”, but you could add in notes on the type of post you want to do, a mini draft, or keywords to help you remember what you wanted to say.

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However you do it, if you take me up on this tip, let me know how you get on!

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