16 blog post and social media prompts inspired by The Crying CEO

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Unless you’ve been offline, on a desert island, or under a rock this past week, it has to have been impossible for you to avoid the madness that is and was ‘The Crying CEO’.

For those of you who missed it; Braden Wallake, CEO of HyperSphere, made a post on LinkedIn (you can read the Crying CEO post here) about how bad he was feeling because he had to lay off some staff. The post was accompanied by a selfie of him apparently crying.

To cut a long story short, LinkedIn lost its shit, Twitter and Reddit went nuts and soon the whole of social media was full of people either laughing at, sneering at, or defending the man that became known as The Crying CEO.

Between the parody posts, the #BeKind posts and the discussion of whether or not the post was genuine (Wallake, after all, runs a social media company, let’s not forget), it was difficult to avoid.

But, while there are things to take from the posts that are out there, much more could have been done.

So, in yet another of my semi regular “Inspired by…” series, here are 16 blog post and social media prompts inspired by The Crying CEO.

What should he have done?

HR companies, Recruiters, other CEOS, Business Consultants, Management Coaches, Social Media managers; this one was perfect for you.

What did it make you think of?

The ensuing discussions made me think seriously about parodies, bullying, mental health and more. Mental Health practitioners, life coaches, charities and more could have taken this and turned it into their own posts

Who else was affected?

The fallout affected a lot of people. Some didn’t like to see the bullying, some were ready to leave LinkedIn, some spent far too much time commenting on every single parody post they could find. Social Media Managers, LinkedIn Trainers, Mental Health (again) practitioners and more could have done something with this.

The laid off staff

Perfect for Recruiters, but not many jumped on it.

  • How to get back out there when you’ve been laid off
  • Finding a new job after redundancy
  • What to put on your CV when you’ve been made redundant
  • Is it hard to find a new job when you’ve been ‘let go’?

I could go on but this is meant to be a quick post, as all of my ‘Inspired by…’ posts are, to show you how quick and easy it is to think of blog posts and social media prompts in response to the things going on around you.

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