20 Blog and Social Media prompts inspired by P&O

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picture of a P&O ferry

If you are a well organised blogger you will usually have planned your blog posts in advance, around business seasonality, deadlines, special days, etc. But sometimes things come up in the news that immediately lend themselves to some great blog or social media post ideas.

Yesterday P&O decided to fire thousands of employees via a Zoom call, and of course it’s been all over the internet – both in traditional news outlets and online business magazines and forums.

I’m not going to go into the ins and outs of P&O’s decision (you can read about it in many places), but there are a few industries that could benefit from writing about the controversy to show their own professional capabilities.

In some cases you may even be able to repurpose an old blog post, just by tweaking a few things. Change the title, write a new introduction and repost on Social Media with any relevant hashtags.

If you offer legal services, especially in the employment sector, there are some great ideas for you:

  • Don’t be P&O – how to let employees go legally & fairly
  • Employment law – how P&O got it so, so wrong
  • What rights do P&O employees have?
  • P&O ex-employees – could they sue for unfair dismissal?
  • Your 10 step guide to an unfair dismissal claim

Are you in recruitment?

  • 10 jobs that ex P&O employees could consider (Easyjet jumped on this very quickly)
  • How do your P&O skills transfer to another job?
  • 5 places that are better to work at than P&O
  • How to explain in a job interview that you were sacked from your last job
  • Employers – here’s why you should be hiring ex P&O staff

What about PR?

  • P&O and 5 other companies that need better PR
  • P&O need our advice – they should read this now
  • Why bad PR doesn’t have to be the end of the world
  • P&O – could a good PR company turn this around?
  • Reputation Management – is it possible for P&O?

Or business in general:

  • 5 times XXXX were better than P&O
  • Don’t run your business like P&O
  • 10 things we learned from the P&O debacle
  • Business advice P&O should have listened to
  • When Zoom WASN’T the answer

I can think of a lot of other industries that could be writing about this and using it as a business lesson or to promote their own companies.

Hashtags currently trending on Twitter and other places include: #PandO #BoycottPandO #PandOferries – using these in your relevant social media posts may introduce your company to a whole new audience. (It shouldn’t need to be said, but I will, that these need to be relevant, not just tagged on to the end of a Tweet promoting your company).

Have you written a blog post about the P&O issues? Let me know on Twitter, LinkedIn or in the comments below.

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