[Client Update] Google Indexing Issues 15/07/2022

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Google has confirmed today that there’s an issue with its search index impacting a large number of sites. The root cause is unknown.

Today, at 10:50 a.m Eastern time (3.50pm UK time), Google confirms there’s an ongoing indexing issue affecting a large number of sites.

The cause of the issue is unknown at this time.

Google will provide an update within the next 12 hours.

Today’s ongoing issue with Google’s search index appears to be impacting new content only.

If you publish new content today, it likely won’t get indexed until the problem is fixed.

You can check for yourself by doing a ‘site:’ search and filter results by the past day or hour.

It’s not known when the issue started, though we can narrow it down to a time window of the past 4 hours based on when new content was last indexed.

That means Google likely stopped indexing new pages around 7 a.m Eastern time (12pm UK time).

As for how many sites the issue impacts, as far as we can tell, all of them. Or at least all sites that are publishing new content today.

If you haven’t added new pages to your site and don’t intend to, then you have nothing to worry about.These indexing issues affecting new content have happened before, and history shows they don’t extend to existing content.

From https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-confirms-indexing-issue-affecting-large-number-of-sites/457767

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