“Nikki has fast become one of my favourite people!”

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Jo Martin, (better know as The Grammar Mamma) and I spent a lovely SEO for Copywriters As It Is 121 sorting out how she could SEO her own site and enhance SEO for her clients a couple of weeks back.

We had a lot of fun talking about Google Search Console, how to find blog titles, H1 tags, Titles, Meta data, and what she needed to be doing on her own and client websites to ensure they could make the most of the copy she was writing for them.

It was a lot of fun, and lovely to speak to a copywriter who ‘gets it’ – thankfully, she seemed to find it useful too!

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Here’s what she had to say:

If you’re looking to boost your knowledge of SEO and get some tips on how to enhance your website so it ranks better – I have just the recommendation for you 👇

I’ve been on SEO training courses in the past. But speaking to 🔎 Nikki Pilkington on one of her As It Is sessions taught me more in an hour than 6 hours in a stuffy classroom and death by Powerpoint ever did!

Plus, her no-nonsense attitude meant there was no sugar coating of any pills. She gave it to me straight, so I knew exactly what I needed to do and wasn’t left confused (which can easily happen when you start talking technical to me!) 😕

I even got a recording of our session, so I don’t need to worry if my notes don’t make sense or I want to refresh my memory of how to navigate Google Search Console.

Following my As It Is session with Nikki, I now have a list of actions to implement on my own website, as well as the knowledge and confidence I need to be able to make the most of SEO.

I’ve not known Nikki long, but she has fast become one of my favourite people! She’s an absolute legend and knows her stuff when it comes to SEO.

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If you’re a copywriter who knows that SEO is a ‘thing’, but don’t think it’s ‘your thing’, join me on an As It Is SEO for Copywriters 121, and make the most of your own website AND your clients’ in 2023.

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