5 copywriting books every aspiring copywriter should read

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5 copywriting books every aspiring copywriter should read

I love a good copywriting book, and own so many. Whenever I see another one recommended, I just have to buy it to see what nuggets of wisdom I can glean from the pages within.

I’m planning on starting reviewing more books in-depth, but here’s a quick starter for 5 if you’re looking for copywriting help this year.

#1 A Self-Help Guide for Copywriters by Dan Nelken

As well as a whole load of tips, this book has real life examples to illustrate the advice — from successful and popular ad examples to lesser-known advertisements.

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#2 Copywriting Is… by Andrew Boulton

A great book for dipping in and out of. With chapters on Pain, Criticism and Exploding (!) if you’ve had a thought on copywriting, it’s probably covered in this book. Highly recommended.

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#3 The Little Book of Confusables by Sarah Townsend

If you’ve ever had to stop & think whether it’s stationery or stationary, there, their or they’re, or whether it’s an omelette or an umlaut (!), this is a fab little book to have on your desk. I reviewed this book here.

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#4 *Copywriting by Gyles Lingwood and Mark Shaw

Another ‘read as a book or dip in and out’ with exercises to complete if you wish. Focuses on the creative aspect as well as the nuts and bolts. This is the 3rd edition.

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#5 Copywriting Made Simple by Tom Albrighton

Currently free on Kindle Unlimited, the sections on engaging your reader and using psychology are a must read for anyone using writing to sell.


All of the above authors are on LinkedIn, so if you like their books too, drop them a line to let them know!

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