Google first page guaranteed – when is a guarantee not a guarantee?

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GUARANTEE is one of the most powerful words used in marketing and sales. The idea generated by the word is that a customer or client will absolutely receive or achieve something as a result of paying for the product or service. “SEO page 1 guaranteed”, “Google first page guaranteed”, “Guaranteed first page on Google”, and many other Google front page claims take advantage of this.

In the SEO business, many potential clients are offered such guarantees. The most common guarantee is that the SEO company can provide the client with hitting the ‘Guaranteed Front Page of Google’. Businesses that attain these positions on Google will often take the Lion’s share of business, so of course, all businesses want to grab and keep those positions.

This leads to SEO companies and products making grandiose claims about how they can help your company to achieve these positions.

However, let’s make something abundantly clear right now.

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No one can guarantee you the Number ONE ranking position on Google.

You should be wary of any SEO company that claims they can provide you with the coveted #1 spot on Google. You should be especially cautious of anyone that contends that they have a relationship with Google or can get priority treatment by Google for your submission to the rankings. No one gets priority.

Google themselves have said in the past: “Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit” to Google.

When you’re offered a guarantee, it usually comes in one of the following guises:

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GUARANTEED Front Page on Google

The offer is usually a way that less than scrupulous companies offer a flat fee for Google Ads. After huge set up fees, that only gives you Google coverage for a couple of months, you’ll find you could have done it all yourself cheaper. If you need Ads, use it but don’t fall for a false guarantee.


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Guaranteed Front Page Google Listings

Looks great, but they don’t specify a search term. Out of the key words and phrases that you want to be front page on Google for, you’ll find you’re guaranteed front page for ‘Blue Widgets with Red Dots in North East Clacton’. No one searches for that, but the guarantee has been fulfilled and you’ll never see your money again.

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Guarantee Front Page Google Listings or Your Money Back

Sounds awesome but try getting your money back when you don’t see your site on the front page! The company will send you a screenshot proving your site held the front-page Google listing but in reality, it was for one day and never happened again.

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Replacement Traffic Guarantee

‘If we don’t get you a front-page Google position, then we’ll buy enough Google Ads for you to get the level of traffic you need.’ Sounds tempting but why not just buy Ads yourself? If their service can’t provide what you need, why would you want them to use Ads to do it? Even with Google Ads, no one can guarantee the traffic you will receive. The SEO company needs to make money, but the traffic they’ll send you through AdWords will most likely be less than you could have made yourself for less money!

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Google Front Page or No Charge

This could very well be tantamount to a scam because this company could well use every black hat (dodgy, underhanded, unacceptable to Google) trick in the book in order to get you to the Front Page. In the end, Google will punish your site, and the damage is done. They will charge huge monthly fees if they do get you listed (albeit briefly) and try to tie you in for as long as possible.


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The moral of the tale? Read the small print, make sure you know exactly WHAT is being guaranteed, and above all; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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I don’t offer useless guarantees; I let my work and my reputation speak for themselves. I provide SEO Copywriting and Business Blogging services that have my 30 years of SEO knowledge built in. If you need higher Google listings and fantastic internet exposure that provide results, not vanity stats, ditch the phoney guarantees and speak to me.

You can also find me on LinkedIn if you want to know more.

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