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The usual advice when you’re posting on social media such as LinkedIn, or your blog is that only 1 in 4 or 5 posts should be promotional – the others should be helpful/educational/advisory.

So it’s easy to get disheartened when posting on places like LinkedIn – why should you spend time thinking up helpful and educational posts when all you really want to do is get clients?

And I get it.

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But it’s also true that helpful and advisory posts, updates about what is going on in your industry, actionable tips that people can put into practice on their own – these are all post types that do well for a few reasons:

  • LinkedIn is actively trying to give posts such as these more reach, or so they tell us.
  • People love to link to posts like these on your blog, which helps with SEO.
  • You can usually write a really good title for blog posts such as these, which is also another SEO bonus.
  • By actively asking people to repost your post as your CTA, you can increase your reach with posts like these.

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So make at least one of your posts this week something that helps people out.

  • Have you found a great group that helps and supports you? Talk about it and tell people how to join.
  • Did you get a really good tip elsewhere that has been good for you? Share it and link to or tag the person who told you.
  • Is something happening in your industry that people should know about? Write about it.
  • Do you have a little known trick that makes life easier/achieves something faster/will help people out? Share it, even if you’ve seen someone else in your network share the same thing – it will still be new to a lot of your followers and readers.

Helpful posts and blogs are great for interaction and recommendations – why not take an hour or so of your time to write down a few and then either write them and schedule them, or add them to your calendar as a reminder to write them over the coming weeks.

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