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Looking for a quick and easy social media post content idea? It doesn’t get much easier than this.

It’s Friday tomorrow, and that means that over on LinkedIn I ask freelancers to post their #WeeklyWins.

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There are a few reasons that I do this:

  1. Over the summer there was a lot of doom and gloom around the freelance community; work was tight for a lot of people and it was starting to show in the things people posted. I wanted to encourage people to post more positive things – no-one want to buy from a misery guts, right?
  2. I was talking to people who struggle to write for LinkedIn and their blog – #WeeklyWins is one of the easiest posts you can do and should take no more than 5 or 10 minutes.
  3. It’s the perfect way to write a no stress post and still get across to readers what it is you actually do, SPECIFICALLY.

Not everyone gets the last point.

But I really want you to get it, so I’m going to labour it – again.

Be specific

When you post on LinkedIn that you’ve designed a website, written some blog posts, led some training, done an online session with a client, etc. – that’s fine.

When you say that you’ve designed a health website, written some blog posts about recruitment, trained a management team, talked to a client about their issues online, etc. – that’s better.

But, when you talk about how you’ve:

  • Finished designing/done some more design work on a website for a health based company, adding in an online booking system and a review system to allow them to streamline their processes,
  • Written some blog posts for a recruitment company that focus on a specific issue within recruitment, and can then be reused as social media posts that are rescheduled on a monthly basis,
  • Trained a management team that had issues with new leadership, helping the upper management to speak to the middle management team and get their needs across in a better way, resulting in 97% 5* feedback at the end of the session.
  • Had an online session with a client who had ‘x’ issues, where you talked through those issues, identified some coping strategies and made a plan to implement those strategies going forward, and the client ended the session feeling much better and more able to cope.

Then it becomes a part of #WeeklyWins that is worth posting.

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So tomorrow, on LinkedIn, even if you’ve never posted before, write a post about your weekly wins.

What did you do this week that went well for you? Include 3 or 4 things, and make one of them that very specific business thing that you did. The others can be whatever you want and as vague as you want (went for tea with an old friend, finished my VAT return, managed to jump on a co-working session) but that one has to be something that a viewer can read and say “Oh my goodness, *I* need that!“.

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Add the hashtag #WeeklyWins, tag me in it and I’ll try and include you in my roundup on Monday.

(Oh, and add it into your calendar – it’s worth it, trust me.)

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