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Even when you have a budget to bring on board a freelance copywriter, as a company owner or a hiring manager, you’re probably looking to cut costs where possible.

And I understand that; I’ve hired a fair few freelancers in my time and some of them have been costly mistakes!

That’s why I want to help you to keep the price of your freelance copywriting as low as possible, while giving a high end service and getting the best results for you and your website.

Here’s how I’ve structured my business to help you to save money on copywriting fees.

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1) I charge a monthly fee

Because I charge a monthly, or retainer, fee you can spread the cost of your copywriting.

  • On a larger project, such as a full website rewrite, this breaks the cost down into manageable chunks.
  • For an ongoing project such as regular business blogging, it means that you know what you will be paying each and every month.

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2) I know what I’m good at — and what I’m not

I don’t take on a project unless I know I can do it.

  • I don’t take on sales email copywriting, because I’m not the right person for that.
  • I don’t write magazine and flyer advertising copywriting, because it’s not my thing.
  • I won’t write your whitepapers, e-books or business presentations, but I probably know someone who will.

I’ve spent 30 years learning that my strength is in SEO copy for websites, business blogging and social media posts.

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3) I network with other copywriters

Unlike some other business sectors, the copywriting community is a bunch of close knit freelancers, all looking out for each other. Because of this, if I can’t help with your project, the chances are I know someone who can.

I only recommend people I know are good, I’ve worked with before and who charge a fair price. I don’t make a finder’s fee or commission on passing work to these peers, so I’ll send you to the best person for you, not me.

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4) I keep minimum contracts short

I don’t believe that anyone should be tied into a contract for months and months, and my 30 years in business have shown me that making people sign 6 month, 12 month or more contracts if they’re not needed isn’t a good way to start a relationship.

So, dependent on the service you are buying from me, your contract could be as little as just two months.

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5) I Offer SEO & Copywriting as one package.

I build SEO principles into every piece of copy I write for your website, blog or social media. This means that before I even start writing, I’ll research your target market and the things they are searching for on Google, Bing. etc. I’ll then use this research to form the basis of anything I write for you. Everything I write is done with SEO in mind, while providing the best possible experience for your future customer.

Conversely, copywriting is a huge part of ongoing SEO, so all SEO contracts have one piece of supporting copy per month as a part of the deal. This is usually a blog post, but could also be a new page on your website or a rewrite of the content you currently have.

Often a company will sell you search engine optimisation services, do the initial work and then tell you that to get the best from it, you need to add more copy/content to your website. Then they’ll charge you extra for it. I won’t. Everything to help your SEO is built into my service from the beginning.

It’s important to me that you get the best of my knowledge in both my areas of speciality: SEO Copywriting and Search Engine Optimisation.

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If you like how I write, like what I do and would like to work with me, give me a call on 07749 378907 or book in for a free initial call now, and let’s start working together to make your website work for you! (You can also connect with me on LinkedIn)

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