“Yours is the only non-client call I have where I take actual notes”

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“Yours is the only non-client call I have where I take actual notes”

I’m paraphrasing, but what a lovely thing to hear on my Content Engine membership call with André Spiteri this morning.

Every month we have a catch up call to talk through all things content and SEO.

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Today we chatted about:

– blog post ideas
– email newsletters
– Glossaries
– current happenings in the #fintech industry

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Last month we talked through some ideas for LinkedIn posts and one of our ideas resulted in a lead that may just have turned into a client.

We talked about showing up, being recognised and how sometimes it’s about showing your expertise, not just educating people.

I’m looking forward to seeing what André does between now and our call next month.

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If you’re in #Fintech and need advice on a specific marketing, copywriting, or business challenge (For instance, why is your website not converting? What should you blog about? Should you niche down?) – step this way for André’s Power Hour.

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And If you fancy a monthly membership where you get a note-taking-worthy call every month and a whole host of content ideas, there are 2 slots left in my First Class Content Engine membership.

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