Need help with a content project? Write Your Own F**king Content!

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You know when you start a project – whether it be a website rewrite, an email sequence, an eBook, or whatever – and you’re all gung-ho and “Let’s get this done” about it?

That’s how I was about the online SEO course I want to offer to people who don’t want to pay me to do the actual SEO, but want to learn how to do it themselves.

Positive energy, loads of lists, ideas up the hoo-ha. [<– if that’s not a phrase, it should be.]

And then, life took over. I had more important priorities, clients that needed me, and my SEO course was put on the back burner. Which basically means I put aside my lists, ignored what I’d started, and talked incessantly about “when I launch my course”.

We all have projects like that, right?

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So when Alice Rowan  started talking about her Write Your Own Fucking Content program, where she helps to guide you through writing your content, offers an editing session, and generally makes shit happen, I was all in.

Lucky enough to get onto the beta testing program, I can’t recommend WYOFC highly enough.

3 zoom sessions, 1 editing session, and more feedback than you can shake a stick at later, my course is well on its way to being launched a whole lot sooner than if I’d gone it alone.

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Alice is forensic about detail, asks ALL the questions, and sets you homework to do that moves the project along.

She’s blunt. If it’s not going to work, she’ll tell you why, and she’s usually right.

She’s also massively supportive, does her utmost to make sure that your end product is the best it can be, and is an advocate you very much want to be on your side.

I’ve worked with Alice on a couple of things, and always come away feeling challenged (in a good way), inspired, and raring to go.

So, if you have a project that’s been sitting on the sidelines, an idea you’re not sure how to turn into reality, or some content that needs a little more focus and strategy, you know what to do.Purple arrows pointing down
Don’t walk, RUN to find out more, because places really are limited (there’s only so much of Alice to go around and I’ve already booked her for another month!) and you don’t want to miss out on this.

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