Need GA4 help and advice? Speak to my GA4 faerie!

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Purple arrows pointing down

I think this sums up how a lot of us feel about GA4 – seen on Twitter.

Arrow pointing down

Me: Show me a chart of organic visits to this URL over the past 30 days

GA4 (beaming): Here are some seemingly random goals I decided to track without you asking!

Me: Dammit, just show me how many pages per visit users from Facebook looked at

GA4 (vacant smile) : I made pasta!


Arrow pointing down

Luckily for me, I was introduced to the fabulous Chloe Christine who not only understands GA4 inside out, but can make it track the things I want to track and do the things I, and my clients, need it to do.

A quick Zoom call to explain my issues, and off she went like a magical GA4 faerie, to make sure everything worked and did what it should do.

She followed that up with an in-depth report that will help me to explain to my client how GA4 differs and tracks things differently to Universal Analytics, so I look like I know what I’m doing, and all is good with the world again.

Purple arrows pointing down

If you’re struggling with GA4, and tearing your hair out following online tutorials, there’s only one thing to do – speak to Chloe.

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