Content ideas – Russell Brand edition

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This was a post in my Content Engine membership group, and I have posted it here in its entirety because it relates to many other news events, not just the allegations surrounding Russell Brand.

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OK, I didn’t want to talk about this on here, but I’ve seen a few posts on LinkedIn, and a couple of people have asked me should they be talking about the Russell Brand allegations.

My default answer is: from a business perspective, no.

If it isn’t related to your business, and it would be odd for you to talk about it, then no.

That said, everyone has their own opinion on it, and what you put on your blog and your social media accounts is up to you.

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But remember, it is a polarising and controversial issue.

If polarising isn’t the way you want to go (and there is NOTHING wrong with that), then leave it. Because you seriously can’t win with this one. For every person who agrees with whatever you post, there will be one (or more) who doesn’t.

So I’d say that the only way you should be posting about this in a business sense is if it relates to your business.


I do have an opinion on it all*, and people reading my Twitter today and yesterday will know this. I post more personal things on my social media a lot, so no-one will be surprised to see my take on it, and if they disagree with me, probably would never have been a client of mine anyway.


There are takeaways from this whole situation that do relate to business.

As always, I try to encourage you to use news stories and articles as a jumping off point for your content, not as something you necessarily have to specifically mention.

So, there is value in posts about the role of the press in the justice system, how investigative press works, how social media can polarise opinion, and definitely about how not to believe everything you read or watch on the internet.

If posts like this align with your business views and beliefs, then writing them is never a bad thing.

Other subjects could be about fame, about the role of HR/agents/management in controlling (or not) the narrative of any situation, or maybe even about being true to yourself in your content as well as your social life.

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It’s not a bandwagon to jump on lightly for the sake of a few views from a hashtag.

As always, if anyone wants me to look over any copy before you post it, I’m happy to do so.

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*I’ve deliberately not stated my opinion in this post, because you’re paying for my advice, not my views on celebrities. If you’re interested, you can always take a look at my Twitter – – but I don’t think many of you will be surprised.

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