Cosy winter content ideas for LinkedIn and your blog

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(I was going to go for a Winter of (Dis)Content headline, but then I had a word with myself.)

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Don’t jump on the Winter content bandwagon

November and December always make me think of cosy log fires, mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows, and of course, the inevitable onslaught of Christmas content.

Black Friday “offers”, snazzy B2B online Advent calendars, everyone fighting to get that last bit of business before Christmas, or to be the first to say that their books are now closed until 2024.

It’s tempting to jump on the flashy bandwagon with your LinkedIn and blog content, but you really don’t need to.

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Instead, make your content that little safe haven, far away from all of the flashy lights and bells and whistles.

  • Write a post about your favourite business moment of this year – extra points if you can tag someone else in it.
  • Talk about something you’ve learned in 2023 that has helped you with your business.
  • Repost (as a new post) a testimonial that you like to read again and again to cheer you up on cold winter days.
  • Go back over the older posts on my Content Engine group – they’re a goldmine of content ideas – start with this one.
  • Tell people 5 reasons they should want to work with you.
  • On your blog, remind people they can follow you on LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook/Threads/Instagram.
  • And on each of the social networks, tell people the other platforms they can follow you on.
  • If you’re planning on raising your prices in the New Year, maybe offer a discount code or voucher for people that want to book in now.
  • And if you’ve been a part of #WeeklyWins on LinkedIn at any point, then why not consider doing a quick Zoom call with me to talk about your business, #WeeklyWins, and the future of freelancing.  I’ll record part of the call, video and audio, and give you a copy so that you can post it wherever you like.

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Interested? Keep your eyes peeled, because I’ll be talking more about this, and my Content Engine members will be first on the list to be featured!

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