Ghost writing – should I use someone else to write my blog?

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It’s an argument that comes up time and time again – is it ever acceptable to have someone else write your blog posts? Of course, my answer is a resounding YES, as this is a service that I have provided to many clients over the last 30 years, but why does it have such a bad rap?

Let’s face it, we all outsource various things at various times – here are just some things I’ve outsourced recently:

  • House cleaning – I don’t have time, so I hire a cleaner
  • Fixing my car – I don’t have the knowledge so I pay someone to do it
  • Accounts – need I say more?
  • Basic admin tasks – my time is better spent on other things

No-one slates me for outsourcing those things, do they?

But when it comes to ghost writing there seems to be a very definite line – you either love it or hate it.

Those that hate it say it misleads the reader, it can never be as good as a blog written by the business owner, it’s untruthful, and many more negatives.

Those who love it see that it frees up their time, ensures that their blog is updated regularly, and gives them extra content when they don’t have the time or ability to write, amongst other things.

So why the hate?

Done properly, a ghostwriter speaks for the company – so not misleading.

If the business owner or marketing manager isn’t a prolific writer or isn’t comfortable writing, a ghostwriter solves a problem for them and makes their blog look good at the same time.

Untruthful? How? When I blog for a company I agree the things that can and can’t be said, agree a schedule of blogs, and make sure that what I write is the opinion of the company I’m writing for; whether or not it is my opinion is irrelevant.

With over 100 ghostwriting and blogging clients over the last 30 years, it’s a part of my job that I love, and one I’m proud of, especially when I see blogs I have written being Tweeted, Facebooked, shared and more.

Ghostwriting shouldn’t have a stigma attached to it – ghostwriters perform a service much like a copywriter or a PR person – and in these busy times outsourcing your blog management to someone else can be a much-needed weight off your mind.

What springs to YOUR mind when the word ‘ghostwriter’ is used?

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