LinkedIn tip – pop a mini-profile at the end of your posts

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You may have seen that some people have started adding a ‘mini-profile’ at the end of their posts on LinkedIn.

Something like this:

“Hi, I’m Fred, and I specialise in Leadership Management. I can help you train your leadership team, DM me for details.”

Some of them are short, some of them longer – but do they work?

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I’d say that they’re useful, but only if:

  • They’re specific (that word again!), and
  • You change them regularly so people don’t start going word-blind.

Just like your posts should be, your signature line should be specific and tell people what you can do for them. If you can change it regularly to relate to the actual post it’s attached to, even better.

It’s also a good way to say what you do in a post that’s not related to work, without people having to click on your profile.

And, of course, anything that gets your keywords and phrases into a post is helpful for the algorithm and for searches.

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Make adding your LinkedIn mini profile easy

I’d say, start up a notepad file or whatever you use, come up with 3 or 4 mini profiles, and then add a different one each time you post. Or write it on the fly, matching it to the theme of your post.

Katie does this really well, so it’s worth checking out her posts.

And while I have you – go see why you should think about posting at weekends.

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