January LinkedIn content when the algorithm is still asleep

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Happy New Year and all that, I know most of you are back in the saddle so I trust we’re ready for a brand new year of content?

It’s a strange time of year, because we all feel as if we should be pushing on with ‘stuff’, but some of us (umm me) are a bit discombobulated after a couple of weeks off.

We’re not the only discombobulators though, LinkedIn hates the time after Christmas too.

The algorithm doesn’t seem to know what to do with anyone, reach is down more than ever, and it can feel a little like shouting into the void.

I scheduled some posts for over the festive period, and even that hasn’t helped much this year.

So I’m going to suggest that you do on there what I’m doing.

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Don’t, whatever you do, decide not to post.

Because that’s not going to help your case.

Instead, if you’ve decided to post 3 times a week, make these things your focus for the rest of January:

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Post 1: 

Scroll back as far as you can be arsed in your LinkedIn activity (you can find this from your profile page). If you don’t post much, it won’t take long. Go back 6-8 months and look at the things you posted then. Find something that perhaps didn’t get as much love as you would have liked, copy the post, then start a new post today and paste it in there. Double check any links. It’s up to you whether you tell people it’s a repost or not – most won’t even notice.

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Post 2: 

Go to your website, and your blog if you have one. Copy the intro and first paragraph to a blog post, paste it into a LinkedIn post then add a link to read the rest. Rewrite it a bit if you like. If you don’t have a blog post you can do this with, use a page on your website, or your Substack, or whatever you do have. Add a couple of hashtags if it’s what you would usually do on LinkedIn.

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Post 3: 

Repost something someone else has written. Scroll through your feed until you see something interesting, click on the ‘repost with your thoughts’ button and add a little summary of what you think about it. Make sure it’s something that is related to your business or industry though, because the aim of the game is to help the algorithm learn who you are again.

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Repeat those 3 post ideas until the end of January.

I could recommend that you do a ‘plans for 2024’ post or a ‘here’s who I am’ post, but if I’m honest with you, the ones I’ve seen kicking around really aren’t doing any numbers worth writing them for.

Write them if you like, keep them filed, and post them in February when everyone else has given up.

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It will get better, the algorithm will pick up, but I’m all for minimum effort when you’re going to get minimum results, so why work your arse off on really good posts that will be seen by 3 people you know and that bloke that sends you weird DMs?

Let me know how you get on!

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