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Much as I don’t like to give Elon and his toy-throwing a mention, his latest “rebrand” from Twitter to X is an awesome way in how NOT to do something.

When I say “rebrand”, there’s a reason I’m doing that awful metaphorical “quote” gesture every time I say it.

The “rebrand” consisted of…

Changing the logo.

Oh, and telling everyone it was now called “X”.

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If you’re a brand or marketing expert, then now is the perfect time to be using Twitter as an abject lesson in how NOT to rebrand.

Because, as we all know (even if we’re not in marketing as such), branding is not just about your logo.

And even if we’re talking about just the Twitter website, most of it still says “Twitter”, “Tweet”, “Retweet” etc. Not really consistent with “X”, is it?

I think the problem is that, as with most things it seems, Mr Musk just didn’t think it through.

There was no planning, no written documentation of the things that needed to be changed, no real thought other than “I have this domain name and I’m going to use it”.

There are ways to incorporate this whole palaver into your content, whether you want to mention Twitter/X or not:

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Literal content ideas:

  • Marketers/Copywriters – write about what goes into a relaunch or brand design, the things you need to think about, the planning required.
  • Maybe you could offer a free download checklist as a lead magnet or promotional item?
  • I’m pretty sure this could be turned into a series as there is so much to think about, not just the logo and front page of the website.

Lateral blog post ideas:

  • Every business needs a checklist or plan for SOMETHING. Whether you’re a trainer or consultant, a recruitment expert, or me, you use a list. You may not have it written down, it could be in your head. It might be on paper or a digital thing. But you have a process. Talk about your process in your social media content – let people in to your world so they can see how things work.

General social media post ideas:

  • When was the last time you did something that didn’t go as well as expected?
  • What were the pitfalls you hit, and how did you get around them?
  • How did you turn the negative into a positive?
  • Let your readers know that you’re human too, and that if mistakes happen, you have the knowledge and wherewithal to get around them.

If you write something on this and want me to cast an eye over it before you hit post, pop it in an email to

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