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In my Content Engine membership group, I talk in detail about the types of posts that do well on social media and LinkedIn, as well as giving specific ideas. This is one of those ideas.

Today let’s talk about your dream client.

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Dream client posts – what are they?

It sounds easy, right? Just pop up a post on social media or your blog saying your ideal client is ‘the manager of a HR team’, or ‘someone who needs blog posts writing’.

And you can do that.

The problem is it won’t get you very far.

Because it’s too vague, too wishy washy, too ‘meh’.

You need to be specific in your posts, because you need people reading it to be able to immediately say “Oh my goodness, that’s ME!”

So when you start writing about your ideal client, REALLY define them,

Don’t say “I want to work with The Beano.”, (although, that did indeed work for someone on LinkedIn.)

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Define your client.

  • What type of company do they work for?
  • Are they in a specific industry?
  • What sort of things are on their plate that you could help with?
  • How do you save them time/money?
  • Can you give an example where you’ve helped someone the same as your ideal client?
  • Can you use a testimonial from someone in a similar industry?
  • If you can put an average cost (even a range) in your post, even better, but I know that not everyone can do that.

Here’s a quick example I wrote for a finance broker in another group, but you can amend it to fit in with your services:

Don’t write “I helped Mary save £5k in interest by getting her a better finance deal”

Write something like:

“Mary is my ideal client.

Mary runs a large fleet of vehicles and has been under the cosh from her manager to cut costs, what with the rise in the cost of fuel, [insert other costs these people have] etc. 

So when she came to me to see if I could help with the finance of her 5 new vans, I jumped into action. 

Here’s what I did:

– step 1

– step 2

– step 3

(for example, got on the phone to a company I work with, drilled down the costs, got quotes for finance from relevant people, found deals that could save between x and y, consulted with Mary, then chose the best deal because it was [longer payment terms / cheaper whatever / better tax deal].)

Mary went to her boss with a proposal that meant not only did she not have to spend £120k up front, she:

– committed to an affordable monthly fee at the best interest rate available

– saved £xxxx in tax [whatever another benefit is here, it might not be tax, I don’t know]. 

– didn’t have to spend hours doing the research to get the best deal

Now, Mary could have spent a week [drilled down the costs, got quotes for finance from relevant people, found deals that could save between x and y, then agonised over which was the best option] but because she worked with me, she gave me the details, let me do the hard work and got on with her real job.

And she didn’t even have to pay me a fee.

If you are the manager of a large fleet of vehicles, and want to save time, save money, and let someone else do the work while you get on with the day-to-day job that you’re supposed to be doing, DM me for more info.”

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Why do specific ideal client posts work well?

With a post like this, you cover not only who your ideal client is, but also a very specific thing you can do for them.

You allow the people reading (fleet managers, in this case) to put themselves in Mary’s shoes.

While they’re reading, they think, “Oh yeah, I spend too much time looking for the best finance deals, my boss would love me to save the company some money, I have so many things to do that I sometimes don’t do all the research I should.”

When people can see themselves in the shoes of someone who has benefitted from your services, they start to think about how they could benefit too.

And that’s when they get in touch with you.

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P.S. Choose one benefit and/or service at a time to do this with – don’t overwhelm people because then it becomes too vague.

P.P.S. If you think you can’t do this for your services, I guarantee you can. Message me on LinkedIn or via email and let’s see if I can give you some ideas.

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