Top 7 Ways to Title Your Blogs for Clicks and SEO

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One of the most important parts of a blog post, if you’re trying to attract clicks and search engines, is the title.

So think well when crafting your title, because you’re trying to make it:

  • interesting
  • clickable
  • retweetable / shareable
  • search engine friendly
  • relevant

Same phrase, different titles

If we know what people are searching for then we know what they find interesting, don’t we? Not really, unfortunately.

Different audiences will find different titles interesting – but whatever your audience likes, there’s a way to fit in your keyphrases.

Let’s pretend your keyphrase for today is ‘digital photography lessons’, OK?

Ten Top Tips Title

Some people are drawn to ’10 Top Tips for XXXX’ type articles, and they do well on Twitter and Facebook, as well as in search engine snippets.


Ten Top Techniques You Can Learn from Digital Photography Lessons

It does what it says on the tin title

Some people just like a factual straightforward title that will help them to find out what they wanted to know. This type of title works well in search engines.


We give digital photography lessons all over the UK

The ‘answer a question’ title

These do well pretty much everywhere!


Where can I take digital photography lessons?

The ‘boastful claim’ title

These work well at dragging in the readers, but need a lot of substance to back them up.


Digital photography lessons will make your business soar!

The innuendo laden title

(Nikki hopes her Mum isn’t reading!)

Again, good for bringing in readers, but need good content to back them up


Want to handle a large aperture? Come to digital photography lessons

(sorry Mum)

The controversial title

Controversy can drive traffic, but can have a negative effect on your reputation, so be careful!


Do you take rubbish photos like this? You need digital photography lessons

The ‘learn more about us’ title

Readers like to connect with the people behind the blogs they read, so the human touch never hurts.


A day in the life of the teacher of our digital photography lessons

Mix and match the type of titles you use, don’t JUST write funny ones (unless it’s a humour blog) or JUST top ten ones (unless it’s a top ten blog!) – you know what I mean!

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