Why are my pages not indexed on Google? – Pages with redirect

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The next reason we’ll look at for pages not being indexed on Google is that Google has noticed that some of the URLs on your website point to other pages. As this would cause a duplicate content error, Google won’t index both pages, they index the one that is the final URL.

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This often happens when you have changed URLs on a website. For example, most of the issues with the this site are because we restructured the URLs of the blog posts, and Google has decided that the new URLs are the correct ones, so the old URLs it still knows about are redirects. To avoid indexing both, Google is ignoring the old URL and deciding that the newer one is the right one.

This can also happen when you redesign a website and use redirects to point old pages to new ones.

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What to do with pages that have a redirect:

In most cases, nothing. Double check that the pages in the list are old URLs and don’t need to be indexed, then leave it. Don’t click on ‘validate fix’ – as it can’t ever be validated and will just drive you mad. Unfortunately you just have to look at it every time you log into GSC, until the end of time. Thanks Google.

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