You need employee buy in for a successful Social Media Business Page

by | Sep 30, 2022 | Social Media | 0 comments

While Social Media profiles that are a person, not a business, can and do work very well, a lot of the time Business Pages languish on the sidelines.

Business Pages of small and medium sized companies are often an afterthought, not seen by many, not providing a lot of interaction and generally not generating much business.

When I start working with an organisation that tells me their Business Pages don’t work for them (whether on LinkedIn, Facebook or elsewhere), the first thing I ask is “Do you have employee buy in?”


? Do your employees have a Company approved description of your business that links to your Business Page in their employment history?

? Do your staff subscribe to or like your Business Page?

? Do you alert the people that work with or for you when there is a new Business Page update?

? Do they comment, like and share your Business Page posts?

and, sometimes most importantly:

? Do you ask your employees what they want to see on your Business Page?

Without employee buy-in, your Business Page isn’t going to spread the word about your products and services by itself.

I can write you 20 wonderful social media posts every month for the next 6 months, but if hardly anyone sees them because of how algorithms work, what’s the point? You spend money, I spend time, no-one gets to read my awesome posts and neither of us actually benefit (although, granted, I can buy pizza!?)

I’m working on a module for my next course on getting employee buy in on company social media and I’d love to know whether your staff are proud of your Business Page on social media?

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