How calls to action work on Social Media

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(This post was written many moons ago but the advice is still valid!)

A while ago  I wrote about having a call to action in all blog posts, yet it’s still the number one piece of advice I give to people.

So it was nice to come across this handy infographic from Dan Zarella showing how a decent call to action can affect all aspects of your social media marketing.

See below how:

  • ASKING people to comment on blogs gets you more comments
  • ASKING people to retweet your Tweets gets you more retweets
  • ASKING people to share on Facebook gets you more shares

Common sense really, but so many people forget their call to action and are missing out on valuable eyeballs because of it.

image showing stats on using calls to action on social media posts

Your challenge today is to use a call to action in every aspect of your social media marketing, and let me know how it works for you!

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