You don’t HAVE to write Jubilee content!

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It’s the Queen’s 70th or Platinum Jubilee celebrations this week and, as expected, I have a flurry of emails from people wanting ‘Jubilee blogs’ and pages on their websites.

Bearing in mind that a lot of my clients are manufacturing and industrial type companies, it’s less than a week until the celebrations, and last minute requests are always a bit of a pain, here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t be writing Jubilee content.

It’s not in your content plan

If you’re blogging properly for business, then your content plan for the Jubilee should have been in place at least a month ago. If you’ve got to this week before thinking about it, it’s probably not necessary.

It doesn’t align with your SEO plans

Any SEO copywriter worth their salt will have plans for your content. Usually using the Content Pillars, Topic Clusters, Blog Content model. Throwing in a few Jubilee posts ‘for the sake of it’ will skew this strategy and isn’t worth the few readers you’ll get.

You’re competing with every other Jubilee post out there

EVERYONE in the UK wants to put out something about the Jubilee. Every newsletter, every Social Media post, every piece of content written this week will probably relate to the Queen’s Jubilee in one way or another:

  • “We’re Royally special…”
  • “Would Jubilee-ve it…”
  • “Crowned as the best…”

All the puns will be there, plus the completely irrelevant allusions – do you really want to be a part of that? And do you want to be competing for those eyeballs, or a part of the eyeball rolling a lot of people will be doing when they see yet another Jubilee headline in their newsfeed?

It’s content for the sake of content

I’m all for relating National Days to your business if you can – it’s a great way to think of things to write when you’ve run out of ideas. And most people know I’m a big proponent of using the news to spark blog ideas. But if you weren’t planning Jubilee content 1,2,3 months ago, why start now? It wasn’t a part of your strategy, so don’t add it in in a last minute panic.

You’re an industrial flooring company

(This is just an example I used on Twitter, you could be a million and one other types of company.)

Unless you sell Jubilee memorabilia, have a company that is 70 this year, have a Royal Crest, or some other Queen related theme, what’s the point? What good does it do your blogging for business if you add Jubilee content this week?

So please, before you start pulling out the Jubilee puns and trying frantically to relate your company to royalty, STOP! Look at your content plan, think again about what you want to achieve and stop panic blogging just because everyone else is.

Don’t have a blogging for business content plan? Talk to me!


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