Research Keyphrases for Better Business Blogging

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If your blog is a business blog then the chances are you’re hoping to promote your products or services, and get more sales, right?

Well the great thing about blogs is that they do well in Google, IF you think about how you’re blogging.

You may already know the keyphrases you’re aiming to get good results for on your website, so let’s translate that info into your blogs.

Today, instead of writing a blog, pop over to the Ahrefs free keyword tool and type in your keyphrases to see what other variations come up.

Pick a few of these variations and start thinking how you can incorporate them into your blog titles and copy.

(I’ve talked about the structure of a blog post before – you can read it here.)

Now, don’t just choose generic phrases that have lots of searches – think carefully about this – you want targeted relevant traffic to your blog, right? So think targeted and niche, not generic and widespread.

For example:

Generic phrases:

  • plumbers
  • accountants
  • tax returns
  • gifts
  • hotels
  • kids clothes
  • business advice

Targeted phrases:

  • plumbers in berkshire
  • advice from accountants
  • last minute tax returns
  • mothers’ day gifts 2011
  • low cost hotels in bristol
  • designer kids clothes
  • local business advice and help

You can get some great traffic and quick wins on search engines by using less generic phrases.

Your challenge today is to find a handful of useful phrases you could use in your blogging.

Stuck? Drop me a line!

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